Saturday, February 20, 2010

Livi's Turns 2 - Take One!

So, as many of you know, Olivia is a Leap Year baby, so technically she doesn't have a "real" birthday this year. But today we decided to celebrate anyway at the park with some of her friends. Unfortunately for us, the warm weather I ordered didn't come in. But the kids didn't seem to matter. Here is Livi arriving at her party. Look how excited she was to see her good friend "Fi-Fi" (Faith)
And here are Fi-Fi and Jack giving her a birthday hug!
Here she is with Aunt Gale
Wheee - Risa going down with Juliana - Hold on Juju!
Look at my big 2 year old climb up the big ladder!
The 3 "Comadres"Here is my silly silly girl. She loves the swing!
And not to be left out of the swinging fun - here are Mrs. West and Faith!
More giggles on the swing!
Looks like she is mesmerized by her beautiful cake!

Aunt Barb & Andrew
Aunt Gale, Mariana & Miriam
Nora, Abigail & Allison
Daddy, Micki & Juju
Present time!

Check out the cool face paint - Compliments of Hannah!
Best Buds!
Giggling with Micki

Then we left the park for some dinner at La Margarita!

Classic Livi Eyes as she get serenaded by the wait staff.

Make a wish!
Shutting our eyes after a long day.

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  1. That was a great birthday party for sure. Livi had so much fun and got so many fun and neat gifts. I know she had fun playing with her new toys yesterday. Livi is two in 2010. Go cutie pie Livi!!!!!