Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Surprise OMI!!!

So, this past weekend Olivia and I had the pleasure of surprising my mom for her 70th birthday. Yes, I said 70! I know, she doesn't look like she could possibly 70, but she is. I hope I inherited those genes! She had no idea we were coming and we had a blast. We arrived Sunday morning and she was out to eat with her "Breakfast Club". When we arrived, I instructed Olivia to go and find Omi and she did awesome. She marched right over like she exactly where she was. Here is a video from that moment.

Here is a picture immediately following the video. Can you tell that she still can't believe we are there! These are the El Paso version of Sprinkles that my brother Ray sent her! They were YUMMY!

Here is Olivia meeting her new cousin Layla. She was so excited to meet her that started acting like a dog herself. I think she is just amazed when a dog is nice to her since our dog/grouch Casey is so mean.
Yes, here is my precious little angel panting just like Layla.

Here she is with Uncle Eddie.

And here she is with Phillip

And here she is with Omi again. We had so much fun surprising her - Happy Birthday Omi and many many more!
Unfortunately I didn't upload all the pictures from the surprise party we had that night. More to come later and more pictures of Livi with Auntie Laura and Uncle Gary!

Stay tuned . . . .


  1. This is so so sweet and the look on your Mom's face is priceless. I am so glad you and Livi got to go. I know your Mom loved every minute.

  2. So cute! Your mom looks so happy.