Friday, April 9, 2010

10 Year Anniversary!

It's very hard to believe that it has already been 10 years since Roger and I got married. It sounds so cliche to say how "fast the time flies" or that "it seems like only just yesterday" but it's so true. Especially when you stop and think about how much your life has changed and how we have changed (hopefully mostly for the better.)

So Roger is the best Greeting Card Picker outer. I usually go for the funny ones because I hate reading the emotional ones and getting choked up in the aisle at Hallmark. But this year, a card caught my eye and it was so perfect. It talked about how life sometimes seems difficult right now, but years from now we will look back and wonder how we managed so much. And all challenges we face today will be fond memories to come and so on. So I just thought it was so appropriate because we have had a hectic couple of months between Juliana getting sick, then Livi, then Juliana again, then Livi again, then Roger getting sick, then Juliana getting her 2 year molars (still fighting that battle), a garage sale, a golf tournament, several other fundraisers this month and a partridge in a pear tree. And after I read it, I thought, "Yes, all these trial we endure today will be great stories we recount in the future." So I come home so proud of my card and seal it up. I gave it to Roger in the morning of our anniversary and he chose to save it until the evening. So our dear friend Linda had offered to babysit for us and we went out to dinner. When we got home we both got our cards from each other and sat down to open them and to my great surprise - WE BOTH PICKED THE SAME EXACT CARD!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Of all the cards, in all the card stores we chose the same card. I guess great minds think alike. Anyway, I got a great chuckle out it and was glad to know that we were on the same page, so to speak.

And then my second surprise was that he finally got our wedding picture framed. I was more surprised about how we looked than the frame itself. Two young little babies with no idea of what was to come. I think we look exactly the same (well, except add in some gray hair/no hair in Roger's case j/k, some wrinkles and some extra pounds) Getting older sucks! But it also has it's perks like our beautiful daughters. And on a plus side, in 10 more years we will look back on our current pictures and say, "Damn, we looked good!" Ha ha.

Happy Anniversary Roger - And MANY MORE TO COME!


  1. You two are an Inspiration! The true definition of Happiness!!! Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary & many more!!!

  2. What a great post on your blog. You chose the same card, that is true love for sure. The wedding picture is beautiful. Life by the tens I call it, and just think in 2010 you met your first 10. Way to go, very happy for you guys.