Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 Easter Egg-stravaganza!

Welcome to the Brooks' Easter 2010. What a fun day. It started off with the Easter basket discovery. This is Juliana's basket. She was such a good girl.

And this is Livi's basket. I think the Easter Bunny was extremely generous considering the amount of "Time-Outs" she has acquired lately.

So exciting . . . What did he bring?
Happy Face!

Ahhhh. . . . Sweet Goodness. Nothing like chocolate for breakfast!
Yummy! Gotta love the "wig" she's sportin'
Peeps make an excellent 2nd Course!

Then our friends came over for some "Dirty Burgers". Is that a happy face or what!

Ray & Gale!!!!
Me & Juile!
Daddy & Juliana
The whole gang.
Ray & Julie
Ricardo & Christina
This is the group ready to go out on the hunt!
On your mark, get set . . . . . . . GO!!!!!!!!!!
The hunt is on!!!!!!!!
Juju & Micki Team!
Check out those curls!
So, unfortunately Olivia was not tall enough to crack an egg on anyone, so she decided to crack them on herself. Poor Livi.

Here is the video of Livi cracking the eggs on herself.

Then we felt sorry and and daddy lifted her up to crack one on Nino Ray's head. Too bad she is just not quite strong enough to actually crack the egg. I think poor Nino Ray just ended up with a headache.

At the end of a fun day, telling secrets is always fun!


  1. Brooks family you sure know how to celebrate Easter! Looks like a BLAST!!! :)

  2. This was a blast. I believe this was the best egg hunt ever. We all had so much fun.