Friday, April 30, 2010

We Heart Juliana'a Doctors!

Today we had a follow up appointment with Juliana's neurologist Dr. Baiyeri. For those of you that didn't know, Juliana had 4 pretty significant seizures two weeks ago. It really caught us off guard and scared the pants off of us. She has had seizures for some time, but they have always been a type of "absence seizure" and we had never actually seen them physically manifest in that way. So, as luck would have it we were clear across town, literally about 50 miles away from home when it happened. We were just about to pull into an emergency room when TX Child Neurology called us back and talked us through what to do. We raised her dosage and thankfully she has been doing very well since then. We had the appointment today and basically, my girl is growing - which is definitely good news! With that of course, we just needed to adjust her medicine to accommodate her growing body.

We are so lucky to have a pediatrician (Dr. Tomecko - you Rock!) and a neurologist that really genuinely care about Juliana and seems so excited to see her. It is truly a blessing to have doctors that you trust and best of all that really love your kid!

You ladies are the best!

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