Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bad Karma

So last night Olivia decides she is going to write on her chalk board, which she hasn't used in weeks.  It was all scribbled over and as I watched her grab for kleenex I thought, "This is not going to come clean with a kleenex" but low and behold it did.  She doodled on it for awhile and then finally announced, "I'm done Mommy!"  So I glance over and give her the obligatory, "Good job honey, that's nice."  As I glanced away I thought, wow that looked like she spelled Juliana.  So I take a closer look and SHE DID SPELL JULIANA!!!!   The formation of each letter was not perfect, but every letter was present and accounted for!  I double check again, J-u-l-i-a-n-a.  So I start freaking out, and call everyone in the house to witness this miracle.  (In case you forgot Olivia is 2!!!)  After everyone confirms that I'm not crazy I rush to get the camera. . . . and this is where the bad karma begins. 

Sidebar - This past August we had a family get together in San Antonio.  While we were there, by some freak accident my sisters digital camera broke.  The viewing screen just cracked after being in her pocket.  So while they were here for Thanksgiving she had this humongous dinosaur of a digital camera.  I actually think it was the first model ever of a digital camera.  No one even knew how to work it.  So of course I teased her about it and we laughed.

Back to the story.  I ran to grab my camera, turn it on and . . . . . . . you guessed it.  By some freak accident, my viewing screen had cracked.  We had just used the camera on Saturday and it had been sitting on the counter ever since.  I can't imagine how this could have happened.  It will still take pictures, but it's like back in the day of film cameras where you can't see what you took until you develop the pictures or in this case hook the camera up to the computer.  I dried my tears and ran to get my cell phone because I must capture this moment on film or no one will ever believe me, right?  So I run into the playroom with my phone ready go and . . . . . . . . . . . yes you guessed it.  Olivia was very diligently erasing the chalk board. It was gone, completely gone.  Not a trace of that stroke of genius. 

Oh well, maybe next time.  Until then, anyone have any good recommendations on a new camera?

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  1. Wow I guess she was too quick for you. Getting her board cleaned to write another name.... Sorry about your camera... One good thing is you can get a brand new one now and right before the holidays.