Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Low Down on the Down Low

Wow! These last two months have been so busy. The big thing for October was the Toast for a cure, and I finally got those pictures on, so here is how the rest of October and the start of November have gone down.

This was a benefit we attended for Juliana's daycare (where she gets all her therapy). It was a lot of fun and we had the pleasure of attending with our good friends Julie and Gale (Gale not in picture because she was taking the picture and unfortunately after that there were not too many more pictures.)

The other cool thing about this event is that the Irving Community Television Network (ICTN) was there and doing a story about Our Children's House as well as our very own Juliana Brooks! So here is Roger getting his mic on for the big interview. (show has not aired yet - more to come on that)

We also started back at Spirit Horse. We LOVE this place. Here is Juliana grooming Pocket before her ride.
And yes, This was taken on October 31 and it was HOT! Okay, not like 100 degrees, but way too hot for the black long sleeved shirt I had poor Juliana in. It was her new Halloween shirt and shame on me for thinking it might be chilly.
Here is Risa and Livi. We are so thankful that Risa lives close to the ranch. So when she can, she comes and meets us for the lesson and to keep Livi entertained.

Look at my big girl! And yes, she has to ride with her sunglasses! And how cool is this. I don't know if you can see, but there are actually buttons attached to Pocket that Juliana can push to say "Go Pocket" or "Whoa Pocket"

Here is a video of Juliana riding: (Apologies for the video being sideways. I'm not so tech savvy to know how to flip it)

And here is a video of Livi riding: (Again, apologies. The video starts off the right way and then unfortunately makes its way sideways again)

Here is pocket posing for the camera. He is so sweet.
And after a hard days work, here are the girls giving Pocket a treat for the ride.

So then it was Halloween night. Liv couldn't wait to get out there. This was the first year that we were taking them trick or treating. Here is Livi in her best Minnie Mouse.
Where is Mickey you might be asking. Well apparently Mickey was spent from a day of horseback riding and fighting off a little bug, so Mickey opted out of trick or treating and stayed in for a very long nap. And yes you guessed it, this very long nap interfered with her bed time, so she was up all night!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!! (sarcasm)
This is Livi knocking on her first door. She had so much fun she didn't want to go home, but then when she got home she had just as much fun handing out candy.
In other news, WE FINALLY GOT APPROVED FOR RESPITE HOURS!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who aren't familiar, respite hours are just hours that we can pay someone to come help us!!!!! And so, without any further ado, I would like to present you with the newest member of our family. . . . . . . . . Claudia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia is a teacher that I work with who has become a great friend. She joined the dream team almost 2 years ago and has been a huge help with all of our events. So we were more than excited when she agreed to come help us. She is amazing with the girls and they love her! So huge shout out to Claudia!!!!

And last, but definitely not least. . . . drum roll please. . . we are making our 1st trip to New York this week to meet Dr. Djukic!!! She runs a Rett Clinic at the Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx and we are very excited to meet her and partner with her for all of Juliana's needs. We have heard and read wonderful things about this clinic and can't wait. More to come about our trip!!!!!

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  1. Great stuff going on for sure. So proud of everyone. Good luck in New York. They are going to love Juliana.