Monday, January 17, 2011

The Tobii Trial!!!!!

So, we just wanted to share Juliana's first try on the eye gaze computer. I will warn you it is kind of long and at times she had picked several things at once so it's kind of a lot to listen to at times, but it is truly amazing to watch. About half way through she activates a Mickey Mouse video and she makes it say, "I will tell you what I think about this, I LOVE it!" and then she activated a Curious George and a Dora and she said, "This is boring". Also, after this was taken, we were talking to the rep and she said repeatedly, "I have a problem, I am tired, I need a break, I am done." Also not on this video, she asked for a drink several times and was actually thirsty. The rep is going to lend us one for a month to try, then we are probably going to try a different one for a month and then decide which one she is better at.  What a great way to kick off the new year than hearing my daughter's voice!  Again, I promise you, this is only the beginning.  Many great things to come!!!!!!!!!


  1. Julianna, you are AMAZING!!! This makes me so happy!!!

  2. What a wonderful New Year Gift. Sweet, adorable Juju doing her very best. My heart is warmed by her voice and what a true gift for you and Roger. Love you all,

  3. Crying my stinkin' eyes out over here. Cannot believe that thing! So proud of you Juju! Absolutely LOVE hearing your voice!