Monday, January 10, 2011

Livi's 1st Concert!!!

We recently had the privilege of joining Faith and her mom to a Barney concert.  This was a first for both Livi and I.  Here are the girls patiently waiting for the show to start!
 And here is Amber.  Apparently she LOVES Barney!
 O oh!  It's starting!!!!!!
 Who knew Barney could jump?
 What a production!
 Livi - rockin' Faith's headband.
And my friends is Olivia gettin' down with her boogie.  So this concert basically turned into a rave for toddlers.  She had a blast.  Although I'm not sure where she got her moves!

And this is the Barney version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider which just happens to be Juliana's favorite song!

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