Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday is the Music Day!

Juliana has been taking music therapy classes from Che Ho for over a year now and we just love him.  He plays every instrument you can think of and he makes up his own songs.  For example there is the "Friday is the music day" song and the "hello, how are you" song, the "Bye, Bye, Bye" song and of course you can't forget the "Which color will she choose" song.  He is awesome.  I have to be honest, music class like all other things related to Rett and Juliana are shall we say not consistent.  Some days are awesome - she's awake, alert, responsive.  And other times, she literally falls asleep as she hears Che Ho come through the front door and there is NO waking her up.

This day, however was awesome!  Pardon the blur, but it was an action shot.  She was actually playing the drum!
 Here she is with a maraca which she actually held in her hand!  Oh yeah, don't forget Olivia!
 Here she is playing a tune on the piano!
 And apparently the shaker eggs were hilarious tonight!
Love this face!

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