Saturday, February 18, 2012

Olivia's Birthday Take 1 - The Kid Party

So, let's start off with a little known fact. . . . I don't enjoy having a million kids in my home.  I know shocking, right.  I know, for a teacher, this shouldn't bother me, but it does.  I'm totally down with having 20 kids in class, just not in my play room.  So for the past several years we have had Olivia's party at a really cool park in Irving.  The problem with this, as you may know, is that the weather in North Texas changes drastically in winter and there is no way of predicting it.  The first year we had it there it was FREEZING!  Last year was pretty cold but super windy.  So as you can see, regardless of the weather, we have always just bundled up the kids had it at the park, because I would rather freeze for a few hours than have a houseful of munchkins - is that wrong of me?  So this year, the plan remained and we got ready for another park party.  It was looking really promising since the weekend before it had been sunny and 75 degrees.  Awesome right?  Not in North Texas.  On Saturday, February 18 it was 40 degrees and raining all day!  How is this possible.  So in a last minute decision, we knew we had to move the party to Casa Brooks.  Thank God I had Marisa there to help.  We "cleaned" up the playroom (and by clean up, I mean took out about 95% of the toys, or as Roger told me "I sucked the fun out of the room") and got it ready for the party.  Apparently I left some fun in there because we had no complaints:)

 Faith & Zelma
 Time for cake!

 Make a wish!
 Present time!

 So, oddly enough, I don't know who she takes after, but she LOVES being the center of attention.  I hated opening gifts in front of people, and she LOVES every second and put on quite a show.  Notice my face - That was my "going a little overboard Olivia" face.
 I'm not sure what I was saying here, but I promise it was NOT shut up.
 Don't know what Olivia was saying here but I promise it was not shut up!

 This was from her best friend Faith, who I am embarrassed to tell you that she asked her to buy her some Tom's for her birthday.  She even told her what size and all.
 Thanks for the Tom's!
 Trying them on
 And I'm pretty sure this is where silly just got out of control.  She was totally working the crowd.

 This was from Juliana.  For Christmas, Juliana had bought her some tights that apparently were baby tights because when Olivia put them on, the crotch only went up to her knees.  So she cried real tears and asked Juliana "WHY DID YOU GET ME BABY TIGHTS FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!" So Juliana felt like she needed to make up and bought her some big girl tights.

 Then the old "put the gift bag on your head" trick.  Always great for a laugh!

 This was a Mickey Mouse watch that truth be told Roger found in a drawer that we had and I'm not 100% sure where it came from.  Probably from Auntie Laura, I'm guessing, but Liv sure was excited when she opened it!

 And this was a card from Kolton, a card which he wrote himself and then even offered to read aloud to her.  It went like this:
Who is. . . .
A person nice and sweet,
Someone who you might meet,
Someone who came to your Pumpkin Party.
Who is it?
 More dramatics with the gift opening
 Yes, you guessed it.  It's her very own bento box (Japanese lunch box).  Love it!

Thank you everyone for a great last minute inside birthday party!

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