Friday, February 24, 2012

Wienermobile in Irving

Yes, folks, we are that cool!  On Friday, February 24th the Wienermobile was in Irving, TX and all about helping raise awareness and funds for Girl Power 2 Cure!  Sad to say I was not there because I was en route to Florida for my big run.  Thanks so much for all of our Team that really helped rock this event out.  And thanks to Yoli and the Oscar Mayer Team for coming out and supporting a great cause!

Here is the Children's Discovery Center Crew - all with their Wiener-Whistles!
 Yoli and the Family

Thanks so much Yoli and Reese for rocking your hot dogs off!
 Juju getting her Wienermobile sticker on!
 Livi's wearing hers close to her heart!  (She REALLY does LOVE Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs! It was a dream come true for her!)
 Next getting her GP2C Flower Tattoo!
 All set!
 So many people came out that night!  So nice to see so many friends!
 Livi taking a break in the wiener
 And this is most of the amazing team that made this night possible!  From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU!

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