Thursday, April 12, 2012

4 Day Weekend!

So, the girls and I were off for a four day weekend.  Roger caught wind of this and decided to take off as well.  Suddenly, before I knew what hit us we were making plans for this amazing four day getaway.  This also happened to be our 12 year anniversary, so maybe the beach, maybe San Antonio.  All these ideas spinning and guess where we went?!  Wait for it . . . . . wait for it. . . . . . NO WHERE!  That's where.  We stayed home.  I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed, but in the end it was just what we needed.  No hustle bustle and some good quality time with some amazing little girls.

So, first stop on Friday was the Fort Worth Museum of science.  It totally rocked!  We will be coming back, in fact we bought a membership, so if anyone wants to come, call us!

This is a pre-school play area.  They have a hospital area where you get to dress up and take care of babies.  Here we are weighing the newborns.

 This picture is hilarious because I was bent over helping Juliana and my hair came out in the picture.  When I saw this picture I didn't recognize the kid!
 Ok - that's better.  There's my Curly-Q
 Here Olivia decided they needed a bath.
 And then Olivia got called out for an emergency!
 Then she needed back up so she came back for Juliana!
 Here we are in a 3D movie about the area of Texas we live in and how it looked hundreds of years ago!
 Coming out of the mouth of a giant alligator
 Engineers of some sort.  Do you love Juliana's face here.  She is totally over this!
 And then there is the "Grossology". 
 I thought this would be fun right? With slimy stuff or what not.  NO, it is absolutely disgusting.  It talks about snot and burps and vomit.  But the part that made me sick is one where you had to smell things and identify what it was.  So you take a big whiff only to find out you are smelling feet, arm pits, a mouth and wait for it. . . . wait for it .. . . . . . . they actually had the smell of an anus!  Isn't that a little too far?
 So to wrap things up Roger and girls decided they wanted to get into one of those booths that simulate hurricane winds.  Juliana LOVED it!  So worth the $2!

Then it was Easter.  Here are my super cute (pinterest inspired) deviled eggs.
Olivia at church.  We would have taken a family picture but Juliana was out cold on top of me:(
Then Monday, for our last day off we went bowling!  Who knew bowling could be so fun.  Everyone one enjoyed it!

Check out those smiles!
Here is Daddy giving Juliana some secret tips he learned from bowling camp.  Yes friends, Roger went to Bowling Camp!
And despite the fact that I didn't go to bowling camp, I am so happy to say that I WON!!!!! First time ever to beat Roger, who came in second place.  Juliana in third place and pulling up the rear was. . . . . Olivia.

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