Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mani-CURE for a CURE!

So back in March, we started looking around for Juliana's elementary school.  We looked at several different schools all with slightly different programs and classrooms.  We didn't really find quite what we were looking for UNTIL we walked into Kathy's classroom and we knew we had found what we were looking for.  She is an amazing general ed Kinder teacher and we just know that Juliana is going to thrive with her next year.  She is so interested in learning about Rett Syndrome, her computer and most of all HER!  She even joined us at our Golf for a Cure this year.  And in getting ready for the tourney, she went out and found a nail salon that could paint the Girl Power Flower on her nails along with Team Juliana painted on her nails. 

 Not only that, she even treated both girls to their very first professional manicure. . . complete of course with their very own Girl Power Flowers!

 After all that pampering she was OUT!

 Livi was a pro - she was born for manicures!

 Do you think she enjoyed it?

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