Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun Fair!

This is the Annual CDC Fun Fair.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE THIS SCHOOL.  So as an incentive, the last month of school the kids are awarded "Fun Money" for making good choices, choosing challenging work during choice time and in general being good.  Then, the use this "Fun Money" at the Fun Fair.  It is so much fun, complete with face painting, carnival games, jumping tent, snack booth and general store.  It all costs money, but they will not accept money from mom or dad.  They only money that is good at the Fun Fair is the money they earned that month.  Luckily Livi was loaded so we had more than enough money to play anything we wanted.  She even treated me to snacks.

Face painting

 Action shot in the jumping tent
 Hanging with Lexi - she was our partner.
Master Hoola Hooper

 This was a relay race that she did with Jackson.  Unfortunately she inherited my running capabilities so they got honorable mention:(

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