Friday, May 25, 2012

Pre-School Graduation!

So here we are.  Three years have come and gone.  I still remember the first year she attended Clifton and having to let our little girl go on the big yellow bus off to school.  I was the hardest thing to do, an now look at her. Graduating from Pre-Kinder! 
 I had no idea it would be so emotional.  It started off with this beautiful song.  They are the Clifton Caterpillars, and the song was about how they started off as caterpillar's and are now they are beautiful butterflies, spreading their wings and flying.  So of course, at this point I lost it.  Check out Roger's reaction.  Not sure if he was equally as moved or just sweating because it was hotter than h-e-double hockey sticks.  Either way, God love him for standing up their with his daughter!
 Then after the song, they all shuffled off stage and were introduced one by one to come and receive their diploma - complete with graduation cap.
 Of course, she took a little longer than most, but you should have heard the applause when she got to the podium
 Here she is with Mrs. McNeese
 And these are the lovely ladies that have been with her since the beginning - THREE YEARS!  Mrs. Morton, Ms. Maribel and Mrs. Graber.  Love these ladies!

Still can't believe my girl is going to Kindergarten next year!  I know she will be a great Lively Eagle!

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