Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mommy & Livi's Day Out

So, after the Mother's Day Breakfast (read below) school is out for the day.  I thought for a second about taking a half day and then finding someone to watch Olivia, but I decided, to heck with it!  I'm taking a whole day off and Livi and I are going to have some fun!

First stop. . . . . . . . CHUCK E. CHEESE!!!  Yes, I know you are shocked, because I hate it.  And if you saw Olivia's birthday interview you will know that of all that I have done for the kid in four years, the thing she is most grateful for is the fact that I took her to Chuck E. Cheese ONCE when she was younger.  So I had promised her that when she passed her Star books at school ( a level they use at school for reading) that I would take her to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese.  Well she wasn't forgetting that one and I figured it would be less painful to go during the day on a weekday, so we did it.  Luckily her bestie Faith and her mom were able to some too.  Here is Faith in the wind tunnel catching tickets!
 Olivia watched Faith and came up with some strategies of her own.
 My favorite of those strategies was stuff your bra with tickets!!!!

 Thelma & Louise

 And ride 'em cowgirls!

We then headed for a movie - because we were going to make the most of the day darn it!  Here she is doing the movie ratings for the previews.  Thumbs up of course means you will definitely see it, thumbs sideways is a maybe or netflix rental and thumbs down is no way!  She doesn't have a very discriminating opinion because she gave 2 thumbs up to every preview.  Don't know who is taking her to all those movies.

And here she is after the movie.  Good day with my little one. 

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