Saturday, March 9, 2013

Babysitter's Club

Oh come on!  You know you read those books growing up.  Anyway, we had our real life babysitter's club. Members included Liv, Juj and Roger and I.  We were babysitting baby Izzie for the night!

It started off a little rocky.
 Then things were starting to get a little better.
 Liv had this grand idea about what babysitting would be like. She was totally prepared to hold her all night, read her books, sing to her.  You know the things all good babysitters do.  Baby Izzie had other ideas.  #1 she does not like to be held by a 5 year old. #2 She does not have time for no stinkin' books.  This did not please Olivia:(
I finally managed to get her to eat.  I had been trying for about 30 minutes and I think she thought I had laced it with something.  She wouldn't budge.  So I very nicely forced some in her mouth and then she was like "Why didn't you say it was sweet potatoes in the first place.  Then she scarfed down that jar. 
 And it turns out that's all that was wrong, she was just hungry:)

 And then it was on like Donkey Kong.  She never stopped after that.  She was into everything.  You forget that you can't take your eyes off her for a single solitary second.
 So in the end, Liv told us babysitting was much harder than she thought it would be and it's not very fun either.  Sorry baby Izzie.  But we'll take you back any day:)

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