Saturday, March 2, 2013

Birthday Parties Part 1

So, as I've mentioned before on this blog, we LOVE Juliana's class and all her new friends.  This weekend her beautiful friend D invited her to her birthday party and it was a blast.  Juliana was her only friend from school that was coming so Juliana felt pretty special.  They had a sort of petting zoo at their house complete with the real life my little pony

 This is D with her amazing smile.  She was so sweet and took Juliana by the hand everywhere.

 Then it was D's turn to ride the pony
 They also had chickens, ducks, lamb, goats and bunnies.

 The bunnies were to fast for us but the goats sure were friendly.

 And this is the point that D told Juliana they were going to walk all around her yard for practice.  I never saw Juliana taking bigger steps.  It's amazing what the power of peers can do.

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