Friday, March 1, 2013


That's right.  Today it's all about Olivia!  I can't believe how old she is and yet sometimes I also can't believe how young she still is.  (She's a very old soul)

So here is one of the very first images of my dear sweet little one and yes, she is flipping the bird.  In her defense, she had just been born and already daddy was starting with the camera.  She was like give a girl a break!

Here she is at 1 year old.  Already in love with her big sister.
And here she is doing the Uncle Gary Dance.  Sorry for the grainy video.  I think I recorded that on my pink Motorola razor flip phone

Here we are at 2! Dancing to "All the Single Ladies"  Very appropriate for a 2 year old.
 3!  Notice the personality is getting exponentially greater with each passing year!
 4 er uh well, I guess technically 1 since her actual birthday is February 29th and this is the first February 29th.  Here is a link to her 4 year old birthday interview
And here is my sweet little chicken at 5!
Here is a video taken recently that I think captures her spirit quite nicely in her pajamas and rag-a-muffin hair.
And I proudly present to you, her 5 year interview.  It's not as lengthy as the last one, but way more valuable as it offers some very sound financial advice.  Move over Dave Ramsey, here is the Frugal Frau (I guess from her German roots!)

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