Monday, November 11, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Becker

Yeah!  The day was finally here.  Marisa would become Mrs. Joe Becker.  The girls were so excited for Marisa, but also excited to get all dolled up!

Here we are waiting at the MGM waiting for our shuttle to the wedding location.
 Don't they both look so grown up!

 Look at us!  We clean up pretty good!
 Liv was in heaven.  She loved all the lights and red carpets!
 Okay, so did we!
 Juj forgot her sunglasses, so I had to lend her mine - We started referring to her as "Hollywood"
 Photo Bomb!
And then they walked in and it was all waterworks from there.  Really makes you feel old.  We have known Marisa since her awkward early middle school year.  Since then she has been a part of our family, been there for our girls.  It's amazing to see her all grown up and getting married.


Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Becker!
 And then Sassafras couldn't contain herself any longer and marched right up there and said, "Now I'm getting married!" Which made my heart stop temporarily.  In the blink of an eye she will be at the alter.  Where do the days go.
 Then "Hollywood" decided it was a good idea and went up as well to pretend she was getting married.
 Love this picture of us with Marisa!
 And I love this one of Marisa - a gorgeous bride!
 And of course "Hollywood"
 Then it was time to party!
 After the wedding, we went back to our hotel, got in some comfy clothes and hit the town.  Well as much as you can "hit the town" with  a 5 year old and a seven year old.

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