Sunday, November 3, 2013

Days at the Ranch

Every spring and fall we have the pleasure of attending horseback riding at Spirit Horse Therapeutic Center in Corinth, TX.  It is actually therapeutic for all of us.  It gets us into the country for a few hours, they are teaching the girls how to care for the horses, Juliana rides for about 45 minutes (which is a great exercise to work on her core!) and then at the end they allow Olivia to ride as well.  It is a very special place and they provide all of this at no cost to the riders.  They rely completely on donations.  Click the link above for more information or to make a donation.

This is our friend Marisa and her instructor Crystal

 Olivia's turn

And this was our last ride of this season.  Thanks Crystal for another great season, and helping Juliana get stronger each day.  And of course - thanks Peter Pan for always toting Juliana around and always being so gentle.

 And we were so glad that Tante Monica and Uncle Alfons got to go out for our last ride.
 So we asked a mom to take our picture, and after about 2 shots with her finger over the lens, 5 blurry shots, this is the best we got.  Juliana looking up and . . .
 Does my face look a little annoyed?

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