Sunday, November 10, 2013

Las Vegas or Bust!

Did someone say VEGAS!  Yes!  Thanks Marisa for getting married in Vegas, which allowed us to pull the girls from school and go to Vegas Baby!

 First night in Vegas - Heading to . . . . . THE MICHAEL JACKSON SHOW!!!!

 And yes, that is Juliana asleep at the show.  But you see, sometimes Juliana likes shows and movies just fine, and sometimes she doesn't.  And when she doesn't, she will cry and yell until someone walks out with her and then she's fine.  So before the show I told her, "Look, we all really want to see this show.  I hope you do too, but if you don't want to see it you are not allowed to scream or cry.  It wouldn't be fair if one of us have to come out with you, so please don't do that"  And guess what, she didn't want to see the show, so she fell asleep for the entire show.  And the music was so loud they actually hand out ear plugs if you want them, and even with all that noise she slept through the whole thing.  And I said Thank You Jesus - because the show was AMAZING!  Wish she would have watched but happy no one had to miss it!  (Well except Linda, Efrain, Micki and Gabbi - so sorry - that is a whole other sad sad sad story.)

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