Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Watch Your Mouth!

Conversation with Olivia tonight:
O - mommy when I get big can I say bad words?
Me - well I hope you don't but it will be your choice when your big. I hope you make the right choice
O - well I don't think I will say a lot of bad words but you know sometimes things just happen and they are like "awkward" and you just have to let it out, right mommy. 

Oops. Maybe they've been slipping out here and there. I guess to many "awkward" moments.

And then suddenly innocence is restored.  I asked her (Olivia)to be honest with me and tell me what bad words she was referring to. And she said she couldn't. I said just tell me just once and you won't be in trouble. She tells me "but mommy God will still hear me" so I explained he would give her a pass just this once and then she whispered the list in my ear "stupid, I hate you, oh my God!" Love this kid.

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