Friday, November 28, 2014

Big D

So, since this was Norma's first time to Dallas, we decided to show her around.  First stop, Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas.  We LOVE this park for several reasons, cool dog park, games and books you can check out for free and food trucks!  So much fun.

 So after the park and lunch, we stopped by the house for just a second to let everyone potty before the next adventure.  I took this picture of me and Juliana because she was having a blast this day.  This kid loves to be out on the town.  A bad day for her is a day she has to stay home all day.  She is definitely my daughter!

So the next stop was the Texas Christkindl Market in Arlington.  We were so ready to get our German  on!

This is someone important in German folklore, which I vaguely remember Tante Monika telling us about, but can't seem to recall the story right now.  
 And here is Norma and Eddie.
 Being that we were in a German mood, we decided to try out something new at a restaurant called Everything German.  This place is AMAZING!!!!  Very authentic German food and complete with the sweetest accordion player.  The girls loved him and he continued to play for just the girls for the majority of our time there.

 And I had this tasty beverage.  A Leibinger Seeradler, which is basically a beer with grapefruit soda. Delicious!
 And then with full bellies, we made it home for movie night!  Tonight's selection - Nanny McPhee!
 Liv had to draw a poster for the movie

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