Monday, November 24, 2014

First Sleepover EVER!

So this happened.  What started as a movie date, turned into a playdate and eventually turned into a sleepover.  What a great time!  Faith is the girls best friend whom they have known since birth pretty much.  She is a really good friend to both girls and we were so glad to have her over.  I'm always a little sensitive and worried that Juliana will feel left out.  And then to top it off, Juliana conked out early, so she missed the movie.  So I tell the girls, if you want you can sleep in the playroom or on another bed, since Juliana is already asleep.  Without skipping a beat, both girls replied, "No!  We have to sleep with Juj!  How will she feel if she wakes up and we aren't there with her?  We have to!" So we piled in the girls with Juliana for a good nights sleep, but the giggles continued!  What good memories.  I'm so thankful that they include Juliana and let her be a part of things in her own way.  

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