Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Day Back at School (Well Almost)

Summer is officially over and this past week started us back into our routine. The girls started back at Mrs. West's house and I started back at school. Juliana will be starting "real" school as soon as she turns 3 for half a day. Of course I'm a nervous mommy and dreading the first day we have to put her on a bus. But I'm sure Juliana will have a blast and learn all kinds of wonderful things.

This is her new "bus approved" stroller. It is awesome and has an amazing table attachment. Of course we added some Mickey Mouse and I think she really like it!

Here are Juju and daddy getting ready to leave in the morning. Does she look happy or what?

And here is Livi that same morning. Trust me, she was totally excited to go to Mrs. West, however she has entered a new stage where she HATES being photographed. So this is the result.

More to come on Juju's "Real" first day of school!

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