Friday, August 14, 2009

Back From Houston!

Just got back last night from Houston. We were there for our bi-annual visit to Texas Children's Hospital - Blue Bird Circle Rett Center. We had three appointments in two days; one with the neurologist, Dr. Neul, one with the gastroenterologist, Dr. Motil and one with a doctor of physical medicine, Dr. Schwabe. Juliana was a rock star. She was so good and we were able to find out some more useful information to help deal with all the "wonderful" little effects of Rett Syndrome. There is something about being at Texas Children's. It really helps put things in prospective. First of all you see all these adorable children and just feel kind of sad, because they have to be there, for whatever the reason. And then you start to really look at these kids, and so many of them have so many more challenges than my little girl. You know, we surround ourselves daily with the "normal" children and then spend our days crying about everything Juliana "can't" do. Well, for the first time in a long time, I felt so blessed as I looked around and thanked God for all that my little angel CAN do. Although she doesn't talk or walk - she is in there. She can make your heart melt with just a smile, she is potty trained, she is eating so well these days, she is really starting to communicate with her eyes, she gives the best kisses and cuddliest hugs, she is the most patient person I know, she gets excited every time Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on, she recognizes her favorite music and best of all she laughs at all my jokes. Who could ask for anything more? She is a truly amazing little person and I feel so proud to be her mom. Sometimes you forget all those wonderful things. I'm glad I was reminded.

Here are my favorite dancing cows at Children's Hospital. I don't know why, but I love them so much!

After some long days of appointments we met up with some good friends at the Grand Lux Cafe.

This is Penelope and Luis and we are very proud to announce that they are the newest members of the Juliana Dream Team and they will be servicing the Houston Area! Go Team!


  1. I am so proud of you Juliana. You are the bravest and cutest girl I know. I am very proud of you. Those dancing cows are cute for sure. Love you bunches--

  2. Of course she was a rock star! DId you expect anything less?!?!
    Thanks for the reminder of all our girls can do - I was having a sad night lastnight after thinking about having to brace Brooklyn's hips - you of those "it is not fair" moments. But you are right - we are blessed with these little angels and all the joy they bring us!