Saturday, August 15, 2009


The following blog is not for the faint of heart. The scenes you are about to see should not be attempted by amateurs. Leave this to work of professionals. Allow me to introduce you to . . . The Hornet Hunter. Specially trained to eradicate any type of flying insect with the help of his trusty assistant . . . The Wasp Whisperer.

Special Hornet Hunter gears to prevent stingage . . .

Here he goes ladies and gentlemen . . . Do not try this at home!

If you look closely, the Wasp Whisperer is attempting to remove a nest or as the commoners refer to them, the honey comb!

It may seem that the Hornet Hunter is running away in fear, but it's all part of their plan.

You see, the Hornet Hunter acts as a decoy that the wasps will chase leaving the Wasp Whisperer to destroy the "honey comb"

Notice how close the Wasp Whisperer is willing to get to the "honey comb". I repeat, do not try this at home! These are trained professionals!

Hornet Hunter giving his last inspections. Notice the very complex tool used. It is actually a Hornet Zapper disguised to look like a common mop.

Also keep in mind that while it is over 100 degrees outside, the Hornet Hunter still feels it appropriate to have on his full gear.

Look closely at the end of the Hornet Zapper (Mop). That is actually the "Honey Comb" that these brave men were able to destroy!

And as we stood and looked at this great achievement, one song came to all of our minds . . .
Watch it, you know you were singing it too!


  1. Great Post! Those guys are so brave!

  2. Wow go Roger!!!!
    i couldn't stop laughing. It made my day.

  3. Oh my gosh - thanks for the laught this morning - I have been a bit behind in my blog reading and am catching up. Roger - too funny!! I have similar pictures of Charlie going after bees - ALL decked out in gear!