Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not for the Squeamish!

So, we have been flirting with the idea of Livi using the potty. She has a ton of CUTE panties, and she loves the idea of wearing the panties, but soon after putting them on, casually comes over and says, "Mommy I wet". We are trying to be patient and not be too pushy about it because it just doesn't seem like she's ready. Every once in a blue moon she will actually ask, "Mommy, I panties!" To which I quickly drop everything and put the girl in panties.

So I couldn't resist the video below. She has a routine where after school she will quietly go into the other room and poop in private. Well, this particular day, I was onto her game. So when she went in the other room I nabbed her and told her we were going to put on panties and try to go on the toliet. Boy did she ever try! Unfortunately the attempt was bust.

Exactly 4 minutes after I put her in a diaper she exclaimed, "Mommy - I pooped!" I guess it's back to the drawing board!

1 comment:

  1. Well she gave it her best shot looks like to me. There will be other days Livi. Your Mom will save those cute panties for you.....