Thursday, June 10, 2010

School is Officially Out! - Warning - LOT OF PICTURES!

So summer is officially here and we are definitely enjoying the time off. Juliana is still going to daycare since she gets her therapy there. We are also starting Music therapy tomorrow and aqua therapy next week. I know it sounds like a lot, but I figure, while I'm off from work and able to take her to these "extra" therapies I will. Olivia started this week with gymnastics and a Jazz/Tap/Ballet class. Promise to take more pictures next week and post soon.

But I also wanted to share some pictures of Juliana and what a typical day of school looks like. We met an amazing couple Chris & Jeff Leiter, who have a daughter with Rett Syndrome and are also photographers. Check out their website Teeny Bean Photography. They offered to follow Juliana at school and daycare to see what she does in a day. After seeing the pictures it is no wonder that the girl is tired when she gets home.

Juliana gets to daycare around 9am each day. Then the school bus picks her up around 11am to go to school. Here she is getting off the bus at school.

First things first: Lunch. These are the buttons that they use with Juliana to choose between her lunch and drink.
I guess she chose pudding:)
Here she is in one of Ms. Morton's many creations. She stuck a mirror in a box with lots of lights and a switch that Juliana uses to control them. She put her in on her tummy to strengthen the neck muscles. Thank you Chris for getting into the box with her.
Here is Ms. Morton putting her into crawl position and encouraging her with a toy.
Look at her go! She is really building strength.
Now let's practice some sitting.
This contraption is a creepy crawler. It allows her to be in crawl position but with support, while Ms. Morton helps her move her arms and legs.
Here she is in a walker with another one of Ms. Morton's creations.
Standing with Ms. Morton

Her she is with Ms. Morton and Ms. Maribel getting into the "hops-a-dress" I believe that's what it's called. Which is basically a jumper that can support more weight.
With Maribel helping her take steps.
Sticking her little feet in a tub of beans!
Then playing the toys with her feet!
And finally in water!
Maribel taking her out of Hops-a-dress
Playing with the computer with Maribel

Singing and playing
Here she is back at Our Children's House (her day care) for therapy with Heather and Emily. They are her PT and Speech therapists - they co-treat her.

Here she is making choices again!
Here is Emily doing some feeding therapy.
Stretching on the ball
Stretching and catching bubbles.

So basically they present her with two choices of what she wants to play and then she chooses. Here she chose the piggy.

Popping bubbles.
Stretching that neck!
Stretching the arms.

And finally after all that work, a girls gotta unwind on her swing!
While she will still go to Our Children's House for the summer, as well as Music and Aquatherapy, she will miss her school immensly. Thank goodness she will be in the same class with the same amazing teachers in the fall. Happy summer!


  1. Boy! That's really nice. They really keep her busy, and she seems to be learning so much.
    Love, Omi

  2. You are one busy girl for sure. I am so proud of you and I know you are the best little girl at the school. You are so lucky to have such a good school and loving teachers. Keep up your hard work. Love you, Juju

  3. Great pictures. Juliana definitely has lots to do at school.