Saturday, June 19, 2010

To The Best Daddy in The World!!!!!

I would just like to give my husband, my best friend a huge shout out this Father's day. He is the best daddy in the world, sorry if this offends anyone, but he is. Just ask Juliana & Olivia. Me and the girls would like to say thanks for:

1. Being the "BEST get-the-girls-ready-in-the-morning Guy"
2. For your best attempt at pony tails when we are running late
3. For giving Juliana her meds in the morning, my God you should be sainted for that job.
4. For reading stories with your girls at night
5. For building towers with Olivia and playing blocks with Juliana
6. For being the best swim coach for Olivia
7. For being the best griller
8. For rocking Juliana until she falls asleep (and some nights you both do)
9. For watching the news with Olivia
10. For making my coffee in the morning
11. And for all the other wonderful things you do for us!

We are one lucky family to have a daddy like you!


  1. I have to agree with you Kristy and girls. Roger you are an amazing Dad. Hope you all have a wonderful day today. Happy Father's Day!!

  2. So I must agree with all of you - Roger, you are an amazing father, husband, and friend. Hope you have had a great day!