Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Welcome to Christmas 2011.  Let's just say that Santa was VERY generous this year.  This is the Doll House Mansion that Santa (along with his elves) built with his very hands.  And yes, it is the doll house that I always wanted as a child. . . . . (Just in case you were wondering, the tools were for Ty who actually spent Christmas with us this year!)

 And here is our lovely tree
 Guess who was the first one out of bed. . . . . you guessed it!  Do you think she liked their gift?
 And here we are trying to wake up Juliana who wasn't quite ready to wake up yet.
 I think Uncle Alfons was also having a hard time waking up just like Juliana.
 Not really sure what is wrong with my face.  Let's chalk it up to I was also tired:(
 Who's ready for Christmas Gifts???
 Livi trying out Ty's tools
 Just trying to keep Juliana awake!
O Oh!  Settle down Aunt Melissa!
Still trying to keep Juliana awake here. I learned a valuable lesson this day.  The lesson being - Let Juliana be.  I get overly consumed with making sure she is having a good time.  Making sure she stays awake.  And here's a newsflash, she gets overwhelmed, and when she does she falls asleep.  It is truly her coping method.  So instead of wearing myself out by getting overly excited about things to try and keep her awake (which probably overwhelms her even more) I need to just let her enjoy things in her way.  I will never stop trying to get her to celebrate in the way we do but I will try to acknowledge her choice to "opt out" every now and then and let her "enjoy" things in her own way.
Liv having a blast!

And yes, Juliana is out.  (Let it go mommy.)

She is loving that Barbie in her sleep!

Taking advantage of every waking moment. . . . . . . .
Monika with her new necklace
Alfons and his new shirts

Then I tagged out and let Daddy be the gift cheer leader - Here's another theory, maybe I make her sleepy.

Okay Brooksie, you may be overdoing the excitement just a little bit. . . .

And this was the gift we had all been waiting for.  See a few weeks prior, Monika left her rings in my car by mistake.  Olivia found them the next day and we hid them.  She never mentioned that they were missing.  For weeks we kept these rings and Monika never mentioned they were missing.  Finally around December 23 she realized they were missing and got really worried.  One was just a pearl ring, but the other was a ring that was made for her by her grandfather who was a goldsmith.  She started tearing up the house and eventually she remembered and started tearing up my car, but they were gone.  Gone until Christmas morning that is  . . . .

Gotcha Monika!!!!
Juliana sending some emails on her new computer
Then checking out their new doll house
The Eats

About to go into a turkey coma
Monika with her bee-otch.

Trying to get the playdough ice cream shoppe set up

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  1. Super fun pictures. Looks everyone had a good Christmas... The doll house looks really nice. Cute pictures of the girls.