Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Tree is Finally Up

Well, we finally got the tree up!  We usually have it all up by Thanksgiving, but this year since we were out of town I have just felt so rushed and overwhelmed at time.  But we finally did it!  Not as big as we usually do, but we got the important things up.  Of course you can't decorate without your Christmas Mouse Ears!

 Juju was with us for the start, but she quickly got bored/anxious/sleepy/itchy - you name it.  So we decided that rather than forcing her to stay up and enjoy it we would let her celebrate in her own way.  Which meant she went to sleep and got to see the finished product in the morning.  Hey, whatever makes you happy, right?  Olivia on the other hand stayed to the bitter end!  She loves decorating and Christmas carols and all of it.  She is definitely my child.  I live for this stuff!
 Then Olivia insisted we shut off the lights and take pictures in the dark.  She was right - it glowed rather nicely!

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