Monday, December 26, 2011

The Magic Time Machine

And for the German's last meal in Texas we wanted something fun and silly that they would remember, so naturally we chose The Magic Time Machine.  Here we are sitting in the "Little Mexico" section of town.

 O Oh!  Why is Opi so scared????
 Because the Joker is taking our orders!!!!! Yikes!!!!!
 Salad Bar
These are all the crazy places that you can eat. . . .
There's the bus
You can't see it, but Liv is actually inside a giant spooky pumpkin
The Peanuts section
The giant lunch box
Pinocchio was so cute
So then they asked us to all gather around for a group picture.  At the end of the meal they show you the picture to see if you want to buy it.  So they hand me two pictures.  I see this one first and I think, "pretty good".  I get the second one to compare and see which came out better and I am shocked!
Actually shocked and confused. . . .

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  1. It looks like u guys had a great time. The pictures turned out good.