Friday, March 23, 2012

Juliana Says Yes!

That's right, with her own voice!  Unfortunately I was not there.  Olivia and I had just left for school, but this is how it went down:

Roger - Juliana, do you want water or chocolate milk? (He showed her the two options and she chose water)
Juliana - (After some time she chose Chocolate Milk on her computer)
Roger - Are you sure you want Chocolate Milk? (putting her yes/no buttons by her face)
Juliana - (pulls her head away from the buttons like she doesn't want them)
Roger (puts yes/no on her computer) Tell me yes or no, do you want chocolate milk?
Juliana - (looks away from computer, refusing to look at screen)
Roger - (stops asking questions and just gives her a minute.  Notices that she is trying to adjust her mouth and lips as if she is trying to say something)
Juliana - (after several seconds of readjusting her mouth and lips just right) Yes.
Roger - (shock) Did you just say yes?
Juliana - (big nod yes and a smile)

It's like she had to prove to herself and us that she could do it.  She is amazing and she inspires me every day! 
It's days like this that continue to keep us fighting for a cure and encouraging everyone to give her a chance. We are so blessed to have so many friends, family, teachers, therapists, believe in her, and it's for these exact moments. It's the accumulation of the small things that make the biggest impact on our lives! Today we celebrate!

Love that girl!


  1. YAY!! That is so exciting. I love hearing stories like this. Good job Juliana :-)

  2. That is so wonderful and amazing that our dear Juliana said, "Yes!!!!" I am sooooo happy to hear this good news. Thank the Lord!
    Give her a big hug for me. With love, Mrs. West

  3. OMG...that is amazing and so inspiring! Go Juliana!!