Monday, March 19, 2012

Major News in Research for Rett Syndrome!

This Sunday, major research came out in Nature regarding Rett Syndrome and Bone Marrow.  Please go to the link below and read the information and more importantly watch the video.  For all of you that have at some point donated to one of our many fundraisers, thank you! You helped fund this amazing project.  This by no means is "a cure", but it is HOPE.  It is a completely different route for them to explore a treatment or potentially a cure.  We tell ourselves everyday that there will be a cure in her lifetime.  And honestly some days (especially on the hard ones) I often wonder if I actually believe that or if I just say it to myself to make it through the hard parts.  But to watch that video, I know it's true.  I know I believe it with all my heart.  So now friends I urge to to donate what you can.  The scariest thing to think about now is that when the money runs out, so does the research.  No matter how close we are to finding that cure.

Join us for our annual Golf for a Cure on April 28 at Indian Creek Golf Club in Carrolton, TX.  If you are not a golfer, we would love to have you join us for dinner.  If you can't make it to dinner, buy lots of raffle tickets we have some really amazing prizes.  Just click the link below, where you can purchase any of these options.

This is real and it is close.  Please help us find a cure for Juliana!

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