Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Lorax

It's the little things. . . . Juliana is 5 1/2 and this weekend was the FIRST movie that she has ever stayed awake for.  That's right, THE FIRST!  I have often joked that we should get a refund if she falls asleep before the previews are over.  Why, you may be asking?  Is she in love with Dr. Suess or the Lorax?  No.  What's changed?  Her meds.  We have added a very small dose of Ritalin and it has completely changed our world.  COMPLETELY!  For those that don't know her well, Juliana used to spend most of her days asleep.  She would take about  naps a d ay.  And if you ever presented her with anything challenging or boring to her, she would literally just "check out" and fall asleep.  And there was no waking her up either.  Since the Ritalin, she has stayed awake, sometimes taking one nap and sometimes taking 0 naps.  She is awake, alert and in an awesome mood.  She is actually LIVING LIFE and we couldn't be happier.  Thank you Dr. Djukic, once again.

The first of many movies for this family!

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