Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're Going to the Zoo!

Well, I have officially reached the age where I hate the zoo.  It's sad to admit.  I have always been a huge fan of the zoo, even when we didn't have kids, but now it is with regret that I say I will not be back for a really long time.  There were several issues with this trip.  1. Why was it so stinkin' hot in Texas in March.  It was so humid that it (a) put Juliana into a coma and (b) gave Juliana a perm. 2. Why did we think we could go to the zoo during spring break.  There must have been a million people there.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  Here are some of the highlights from our day:
Sleeping gorilla:
 Really human-like Ape
 Angelina & Olivia
 One of those scary Lion King primates
 And here are our babies.  A lady that was leaving the zoo offered us the double stroller that the girls quickly jumped into.  And yes, there is Juliana, still asleep.  I swear she owes me $9!
 Got to love the elephants
 This was the highlight of the day.  I actually got to witness this giraffe wedge it front feet apart so that it could actually reach the grass it was trying to eat.  It reminded me of me, trying to get into a yoga pose or something.
 Never knew this could be a problem for them
 The lion - he actually roared!
 Forgot what this was.  I was just taken by how skinny his neck and face were.
 And the finally and wait, I think I see Juliana's eyes half open!!!

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