Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st Annual El Paso Angel's of Faith Golf Tournament

So, this year instead of the Annual Spaghetti dinner, the El Paso Angels of Faith decided to take on a new challenge and instead they held a Golf Tournament this year.  Unfortunately we did not make it in for the signing of the proclamation, but the Angel's of Faith were there to represent!

 Here was everyone getting ready before the big event.  Shout out to Kohl's who sent volunteers to help work the event!
 Huge shout out to Texas Roadhouse who supplied the delicious Barbeque Brisket Sandwich bags before the event! 
 Juj and Linda - just hanging out watching their stories.  I must give Linda credit.  She was the only one of us out-of-towner's that got up early with the Angel's of Faith to get it all set up in the morning.  Thank you so much Linda!
 These were so cool.  So the team passed out angels wings to various people in the community - some artists, some children, some children that were in the Children's Hospital and some just "normal" people.  The were asked to decorate/paint them any way they chose.  They were then auctioned off at the event.  They were incredible.

 And this is the Jolly Trolley.  Gary drove around the course all day offering sno-cones on a very hot day.  But these weren't just ordinary sno-cones, how would you like a coconut sno-cone with a shot of malibu?  Now you're talkin!
 We thought we'd go out for a spin.  No malibu in our drinks!
Let the tournament begin!

 Okay, so it may not be that "green" but don't the mountains look incredible!
 Mrs. B and Linda takin' a ride around the course!  They look like professionals!
And another great shot of the mountains!
Eddie and David getting started!
And this is Xotchitl - one of Angel's of Faith MVP's.  This group is truly amazing!
After the tournament it was time to settle down and eat!
And do some more shopping with at our wonderful auction!

 This is one of the bands that played the event - Outbreak!  Awesome music, great time!
Thanks Outbreak!

A little bit of dancing!
Some more shopping!!!

And this is Monsignor Smith.  He presides over our local Catholic church.  He married Roger and I and has always been a HUGE supporter of Juliana and our effort.  God bless the man and all he does for his community.

Roger and I sharing a few words of gratitude about all the days event.  We presented the El Paso Angels of Faith with a picture and some words from Juliana.
Then it was back to partying with Everyday People!

Then it was time for some Rockabilly!

Some words from Gary and David
One proud papa!

Thanks to Great American Land & Cattle for some incredible steak burgers that night!
One more round on the Jolly Trolley

Saying goodbye to Monsignor Smith.
Do you think she had fun tonight?
At one point I couldn't find Olivia, found out she was tending bar with Aunt Laura - JUST KIDDING.  She is not TABC certified so she was just dispensing water and soda.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the El Paso Angel's of Faith!  Your hard work will always be an inspiration to us and to others to keep fighting for our cure - Juliana deserves it.  Thank you for the tireless hours of blood, sweat and tears it took to put on this amazing event.  We love you and are forever grateful for your support!

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