Friday, August 10, 2012

Going to El Paso

I can't believe the time has come for the 1st Annual El Paso Angel's of Faith Golf Tournament!  Liv wanted to help me get ready so she made out list of things we needed to pack. 
 Of course you can't forget the "Panhes" aka Panties or the "Sweat Shits".
 So we land and after a bit of a debacle at the car rental place finally get our car and go get settled in the hotel.  We decide we will just eat at Monteleone's, because (a) it's delicious and (b) we had offered to work at the restaurant that night so Gary could go set up for the golf event the next day.  So I've been a waitress before and dare I say a pretty good one I think.  So I started off with one table of four.  I went in a little nervous, not having done this in about 10 years, but it's ok.  Before I know it, they are seating me another table of 5 and another table of 2!  That is when I jumped ship, grabbed my girls and through the ticket book at Roger and Linda who took over my table.  It's not only that I thought I would suck at waiting tables, it's also that it is a small cozy restaurant and between Olivia running around and Juliana's wheel chair and computer we were really in the way.  So the girls and I went to eat at another El Paso favorite - Chico's Taco's.  Check out this line - And it's ALWAYS like this!
 Juj was happy!  And ready to try this El Paso cult favorite!
 YUMMY!!!!!!  All I can say!  If you've never had this treat it consists of 3 very plain ground beef rolled tacos, with government grade cheese (not sure it's actually cheese) and a spicy tomato salsa.  So you let your tacos get soggy and voila!  And then, when your tacos are gone, the fun doesn't stop.  Then you get to put your crinkle cut french fries, yes french fries with tacos, in the same gooey slop.  Oh Chico's how I've miss thee.
So thankfully after we had dinner Monteleone's had slowed down, so we went to pick up our crew that had worked so hard all night.  Juliana got to say one last good bye to Auntie Laura before the big day tomorrow!
 She loves her some Auntie Laura!

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