Thursday, August 23, 2012

Loose Lips Sink Ships

So, not probably one of my better parenting moments, but I couldn't resist.  So Olivia have been talking at length about how some things are private between the two of us and not for everyone.  Nothing like super classified information.  I'm talking like, when she goes over for a play date with a friend and I say, "Be polite and don't ask for everything you see."  Then she goes to the play date and tells the host, "I sure would love some of those oreos (or whatever looks good to her) but my mommy said I'm not allowed to ask for anything."  You know things like that, that aren't supposed to be repeated.  So I jokingly told her that "Loose lips sink ships"  Of course she didn't understand.  But the next day, when she told another one of my little pearls of wisdom, I gently reminded her that she has loose lips.  The following ensued after that comment.

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