Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scenic Drive

So after our big day, the Pacheco's were heading back to Big D.  But before we headed to the airport we had to take them to Scenic Drive.  This is a road in El Paso on a mountain that overlooks the entire city.  It is beautiful.

   She was so excited to be on top of a mountain!

 Funny thing, Roger asked on the way up, "Wow, I wonder if it will feel cooler up there since we are on top of a mountain. . . "  Ummm, the answer to that is a big fat NO!  In fact I think the fact that you are closer to the sun makes it HOTTER than down below.  And here is a forced picture of Roger and Juliana - forced because in these temperatures, Juliana prefers to be indoors with air conditioner or taking a nap.


So then we get back home and I discover this gold mine!  I had completely forgotten about our "professional family photo".  Several questions come up here, (1)Why is Ray pasted in the bottom (2)Why would you pick the shot of me with eyes closed and (3) why is Danny wearing shades in the picture?

Then it was time for our last supper in El Paso.  We chose Jaxon's with my parents and Laura and Gary.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my girls having such a great time with their family.  Although we don't get to see you guys often enough - the LOVE YOU GUYS!

 Subsequently, they also had a blast with Omi and Opi who were also present, but don't know how it's possible that we didn't get a single picture with them that night.

And here is an awesome button that the Angel's of Faith made for the golf event, "Frankly Rett Syndrome, We DO give a damn!"
 And here we are, on our last morning in El Paso saying good bye to Mr. Frandina.  Mr. Frandina is the General Manager at the the Holiday Inn in Downtown El Paso and has hosted our family for two years now.  Thank you so much for your very generous hospitality.  It's become our home away from home.

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