Sunday, December 16, 2012

Princess Party

Olivia's school held a fundraiser a few months ago and one of the silent auction items was a Princess Party hosted by the school for 15 girlfriends.  We unfortunately did not win this prize, but fortunately Olivia was invited to it.  First she was so excited because she was going get to go to school and see her teachers on an "S" day (it was on a Sunday) and second because you get to get all dressed up and fancy.  She chose her Cinderella dress for the occasion.
This was one of her Princess Poses.  You can't tell from the picture but I actually curled her hair.  You may not be able to tell because the only curling iron I own is about 25 years old and it only ever got luke warm which was great for curling a four year olds hair.  Olivia didn't mind.  She loved the pampering.

And yes friends, I let her wear make up.  This was by far her favorite part.  We used a little eye shadow, some blush and of course the lip stick.
So they transformed the gym into this incredible fancy party.  Complete with a manicure table, make up table, fancy desserts like chocolate covered strawberries and fancy cupcakes, fancy "tea" and even a fashion show runway.  It was so cute!

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