Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to the Irving Arts Center

Each year the Irving Arts Center host a sort of Holiday Extravaganza, where the REAL Santa is available for pictures.  And each year we fight the crowd and go just to see the REAL Santa.  What's really cool about the REAL Santa is that he has actually been to our house the past two years before Christmas just to visit and check on the girls.  So we will pretty much go wherever this man is.
Here are Faith and Livi getting ready.  Of course they had to be twinsies.  The funny thing is that Faith is exactly one year older than my giant daughter.
 Here is Juliana with her partner Ashley. 
 And here we are with Santa.  I left off the part where there was a sea of cars and no where to park and we had to make up a parking spot just to get in.  Or the crowds of people around Santa or the line to see him.  But the coolest part that I didn't photograph, is that while we were waiting in this huge line, Santa saw us waiting and he stopped the line, came through the crowd just to say hi to Juliana and Olivia.  We felt like such V.I.P.'s.  It was awesome.  Juliana wouldn't stop staring long enough to get a good picture.

Let's try this again.  Come on  both of you look this way and smile!
 Okay, Juliana look this way and Olivia open your eyes!
Ugh.  Forget it.  Then, out of the scene from A Christmas Story, when Santa asks Ralphie what he wants for Christmas and he draws a blank, it happens to Olivia.  My child who is never at a loss for words, who has too many one-liners to count and always ready could not come up with one thing she wanted for Christmas.  She kept awkwardly looking at me saying "What do I want?"  Seriously???  Good thing Santa knows you and knows exactly what you want!

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