Saturday, December 22, 2012

This Magic Moment

Let's just say we are going through a bit of a rough patch. We were doing so well for awhile until we weren't doing so well. Juliana caught a terrible stomach virus last week. The first day of it was a nightmare. It lasted only a few days but ever since she just hasn't been herself. Now we've had a lot going on these two weeks (in addition to getting sick, she has new arm braces she's supposed to sleep in, she had Botox injections in three separate muscles and we think she may be having absence seizures again). Roll all that up and you've kind of got a mess. You have a kid that is happy one second and a wreck the next. And a kid that is not sleeping well. So saying all of that, this afternoon I asked her if she wanted to helpmeet make chicken salad or watch Mickey Mouse. I was shocked she picked make chicken salad. She helped me chop celery, she scooped chicken in the bowl, she scooped mayo and sprinkled seasoning. She was there! She was engaged and alert. It was a "magic moment". One that I am grateful for. Hope we get over this little rough patch soon and I get my girl back..

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