Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Life

So as soon as I got off the plane we headed over to Olivia's open house at Children's Discovery Center.  She was so proud!

 Can you believe she spelled all these words on her own.  If you haven't met her in person, I should tell you that when she spelled "car" "cor" pronounced /c-a-w/ that is how SHE pronounces the word.  I'm pretty sure she may be from Boston since she eats all of the ending /r/ sounds.  But my favorite is "ledebug" and "peg".
 This is her principal Ms. Mays
 And her wonderful teachers Ms. Stipes and Ms. Devore.  We have loved her being her and will be so sad next year when she moves on to Kindergarten:(
 And when we got home the first thing they wanted to know was what I had brought them from Florida.  And I was so proud to hand over my medal to the rightful owner.
 I guess I should say "owners"
 Love these little chicklets!

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