Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bye Bye Gracie AKA DizGrace

So, as if our life was not ridiculously crazy enough, the Brooks' decided to adopt this adorable sweet little puppy. 
 What we didn't know, was that this was no adorable sweet puppy.
 She was a beast.
 A beast capable of destroying anything in the house, including all the baseboards.
 A beast capable of digging to China from our backyard.
 A beast with razor sharp baby teeth capable of cutting through flesh like a hot knife through butter.
 So we started trying to imagine what life would be like. . . . . .
 with a hole in the backyard to China, no baseboards and torn skin. . . . . . . . .
 I mean we could never just get rid of her. . . . . .
But then, all of a sudden, Auntie Laura and Uncle Gary came to visit.  And Auntie Laura happened to mention how they might be looking for another dog to keep their dog Sophie company. . .  And LIGHT BULB!  You know what I'm cooking!  Thank you Jesus (and Laura and Gary) for adopting our little monster, I mean sweet angel.  We feel great knowing she will be with family:)

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