Monday, September 2, 2013

Early Birthday Celebration with the Fam

Yes!  It's birthday time!  This weekend Omi, Opi, Auntie Laura, Uncle Gary, Aunt Teresa and Dylan came to town to celebrate an early birthday with Juliana.  The El Paso crew arrived on Saturday and we met them for dinner at Aspen Creek.  I had to take a picture of her Tobii/PODD page because she was so excited to be with her Auntie Laura that she - All by herself - navigated through several pages to get to this one. She continued to tell Auntie Laura "Birthday, present, happy, party, new"  I love to hear her voice
 Then the next night we had cake and gifts.
 This was a clever gift from Dylan and Aunt Teresa.  She had to have Liv help her pull it out!

 How fun is this!  Hope she has as much fun spending that money!
 Cake time!

 And this might have been one of her favorite gifts.  It was actually Auntie Laura's bracelet which she gave to Juliana because she told her that the happy face reminds her of her happy smile.  Juliana has been wearing it to school every day with pride.

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