Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Chloe Bear Brooks

So in case you didn't get the memo, Grace (our dog) moved to El Paso.  Prior to that move, my older brother's dog was adopted by my mom and also moved to El Paso.  So to finish off this inter-family-dog-exchange-trifecta we adopted my nephew dog Chloe.  Jonathan is moving back to Dubai and we rushed at the chance to adopt his baby Chloe.  This is dog we were longing for all that time.  She can be playful when you want her to but mostly she's just the best cuddler EVER!  She just fits in with our family so well, we couldn't be happier.  Don't tell anyone, but I think we made out like bandits in this deal.

And this is an amazing perk - she sleeps in the girls room which makes bedtime so much better and so much less scary!  Not that Chloe would actually get up and defend anyone.  No offense Chloe but she's a lover not a fighter.

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